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You are welcome to join Trade Union Pro if you are a wage earner and working in the fields represented by Pro in expert, supervisor, clerical, or employer tasks or are a self-employed person in a similar role.

The fields represented by Pro include industry, financial, service, ICT, communications and equivalent fields. 

Could I become a member of Pro?

You can become a member whatever your education, title, position, or quality of your employment – what matters is your duties and the field of your company. Further information.

Can I join as a student member?

Trade Union Pro is the trade union of educated professionals which can be joined as early as during your studies. Our members are professionals who have a bachelor's or master's degree from a university or a polytechnic. Further information.

Membership benefits

Pro offers substantial benefits not available elsewhere. The most important of these is the collective agreement. Combine it with all the other benefits and services related to your life, career and free time, and you will not believe your luck. Further information on membership benefits.


All this can be yours for under 1 euro per day. Further information on our membership benefits.