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As a member of Pro, you will receive substantial benefits. The most important is the collective agreement. Combine it with all the other benefits and services related to your life, career and free time, and you will not believe your luck.

The collective agreement is a significant benefit – but cannot be taken for granted

Pro negotiates the collective agreement, i.e. employment conditions and wages, on your behalf. This is not a trivial matter.

A collective agreement always entails better conditions than the Finnish Employment Contracts Act. It also entails more euro, as the Pro collective agreements also cover the subjects of holiday pay, travel and illness pay, and maternity and paternity leave wages. In addition, shift bonuses and overtime and on-call compensations are covered by the agreement.

A collective agreement negotiated by a trade union gives you benefits which are far superior to the Employment Contracts Act

We offer you protection against arbitrary terminations and layoffs, since Pro's collective agreements state the measures to be taken in the event of termination of employment.

Note that your membership has a wider purpose: the negotiation power of a trade union depends on those who have decided to unionise under it. Good employment conditions can be negotiated and effective work carried out only when as many professionals from our represented fields as possible are Pro members. Everyone is needed to achieve group power!

Collective agreements negotiated by Pro

Pro negotiates about 75 collective agreements.

You are not alone: you will always have advice and help

Nobody knows what lies ahead. If any ambiguity occurs in work-related matters, you are not alone. We advise and help our members with the expertise of the most skillful professionals.

Most workplaces have a shop steward from Pro to look after the members. If necessary, the shop steward will initiate the processing of your issue. Pro regional centres are also there to help you, and Pro employment counselling, lawyers and other experts are available to you.

When Pro takes an employment dispute to court proceedings, it is free of charge to members. The value of this benefit can reach tens of thousands of euro.

Pro legal assistance provides extensive coverage

Pro issues statements and monitors the interests of its members in the preparation of acts important to wage earners.

Pro's employee counselling provides help and guidance in all matters and questions related to employment. You can find the contact information here.

Have a good and safe day at work!

Pro promotes its members' physical and emotional well-being and occupational safety at work. We work in cooperation with different authorities and organisations. Our objective is a good and safe workday.

Making equality a habit

Strengthening equality is an important part of supervision of interests. Pro promotes equality in working life and develops the balance between work and family life. We offer equality training and make sure that all collective agreements negotiated by Pro are gender neutral.

Equality means no discrimination on any grounds, equal respect towards women and men, same wages for the same and equivalent work, equal career development, same opportunities to combine work with parenthood, and freedom from molestation and sexual harassment.

Our influence in Finland and around the world

Pro influences the legislative proposals important for wage earners, and, for example, educational, industrial, and environmental policies.

Pro’s supervision of interests is not only limited to workplaces or to Finland. It is important to be where the decisions are made. Pro influences the legislative proposals and politics of the European Union that are important to clerical employees, experts, supervisors and employees.

Internationality is part of Pro's activities in our everyday supervision of interests. We act in cooperation with the trade unions of other countries to globally secure the interests of wage earners. We carry out solidarity work to ensure that employment conditions are in good order everywhere.

Strong research supports supervision of interests

Pro carries out in-depth working life research that produces important information on clerical employees and their work to be utilised in our supervision of interests for the benefit of our members. In addition to the overall picture, we receive company-level statistics to be utilised in the cooperation of workplaces.

Better security for unemployment

Pro membership includes earnings-related unemployment benefit which ensures better compensations than the basic benefit during unemployment. Unemployment Fund Pro offers all unemployment fund services. As a Pro member, you will also receive counselling and help in unemployment benefit complaint issues. In addition, Pro affects unemployment benefit, such as the duration, amount and conditions of earnings-related daily allowance.

Pro supports you in your career

Pro supports you from your days as a student until your days as a pensioner. We support your career in all its stages and situations: our wide-ranging and individual career service is also available to you.

Other membership benefits

As a Pro member, you receive all this (PDF)

This is Pro

Joining Pro is a small deed with a great impact. Welcome – in Pro, you are in good hands.

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