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Could I become a member of Pro?

Trade Union Pro members work mainly in industry, financial, service, ICT, communications and equivalent fields. You can become a member whatever your education, title, position, or quality of your employment. 

The industry of your company and your duties are the key

You are welcome to join Trade Union Pro if you are a wage earner and working as an expert, a supervisor or a clerk in the fields represented by Pro. We also welcome self-employed persons and part-time entrepreneurs in a similar role (more information here in Finnish).  

Membership in Trade Union Pro includes the earnings-related unemployment benefit. There is no minimum age requirement to becoming a member. However, you will not be entitled to unemployment benefit until you turn 17.

Become a member and fill in the form.

I wish to become a member, please contact me.

Let us know about your interest in joining the union by filling in your basic information in the attached form. The link above works on both computers and mobile phones. After filling in the information, press send.

Are you on family leave? 

You are welcome to join Trade Union Pro also during unpaid family leave (maternity leave or nursing leave) if your employment relationship is ongoing. However you can join the unemployment fund only after you return to working life.

Membership application for those on family leave

Are you a student? 

You can join Trade Union Pro already while studying. Please find more information about our student membership benefits here

Become a student member

Ask more about joining