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Membership benefits

Pro members can read about the membership benefits in Proplus. The site is in Finnish and requires logging in Proplus.

Acclaimed service at different career stages 

Pro offers personal training and support for the different stages of your career. You can talk to a career coach about your situation, improving your skills, or balancing work and the other aspects of your life. You can ask for help in performance discussions or making a job application. Advice may also be needed in changing situations. The career service has received a great deal of positive feedback from the members using it. Make an appointment for personal counselling and learn more about Pro Noste membership benefit.

Pro members can read about the membership benefits in Proplus. The use of the site requires logging in.

Legal counselling for private life issues

The law firm Asianajotoimisto JB Eversheds Oy provides free-of-charge, confidential telephone counselling in legal issues concerning private life, such as matters of family, inheritance and private law.

The counselling does not cover questions of employment relationship, work duties, industrial and commercial activity, investment activities, gainful employment, or positions of trust. For more information, visit Proplus.

Insurances for your security

Pro provides security for its members. In addition to working life security, you will receive free  travel insurance, covering your children and grandchildren under the age of 20 travelling with you, leisure time accident and professional liability insurance as well as union security insurance to cover your association duties. Travel insurance does not cover baggage. In addition, we offer discounts for Turva home, car and personal insurance and an opportunity for customer owner discounts. More information Turva.

Fuel discounts

You will receive discounts at Teboil service stations and unmanned service stations (Express stations not included) as follows: 2.1 c/litre for petrol and diesel and 10% for lubricants. During promotional campaigns, the discounts are even better. In addition, you will receive a 5% discount on car chemicals, liquid gas and car wash.

Vacation spots and well-being

Well-being and spending time with your family and friends is important. Pro offers a wide selection of Holiday Club holiday week timeshares and the union’s own vacation spots. Holiday Club destinations offer skiing tickets at membership benefit prices. In addition, you will receive a 25% discount when leasing holiday apartments from Holiday Club Resorts, as well as discounts in many hotels and holiday destinations, including cruises.

Practical training

Members are provided with training to understand practical aspects of working life. It is advisable to be interested in the mutual issues at the workplace, to know one’s rights and employment conditions and, through all this, strengthen the mutual trusteeship.

The union continuously trains shop stewards, industrial safety delegates and other active members, and there is interesting and motivating training available for everyone. Membership training is intended for all members. Events lasting about three hours are arranged on evenings.  The events cover subjects such as annual leave, working hours, salary system and well-being at work. The entire training selection can be found in Proplus in the training service channel.

...and much more

As a member of Pro, you will receive a number of other valuable benefits. The Proplus interaction and service channel and databank is only available to our members. The training and recreational events arranged by the union and the associations are also unique benefits not available elsewhere. And much more.

Membership benefits

For more information on using the membership benefits, see the Proplus member service channel.

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