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Membership fee

As of the beginning of January 2021, the membership fee of Trade Union Pro is 1.25 % of the earned income under a withholding tax. The fee is maximum of EUR 49 per month. The union will not return membership fees paid in excess.

What is the membership fee collected from?

  •  Membership fee is collected from all taxable earned income on which pension and social security fees are paid. Earned income subject to advance tax also includes remuneration in kind, additional holiday pay, vacation compensation and wages for the term of notice. 
  •  Pro also collects a 1.25 % membership fee from any receivables or compensations paid as a result of a employment dispute processed by the union. 
  •  From the benefits paid by the Unemployment Fund Pro, the membership fee of unemployment fund will be collected automatically.

You don’t need to pay memebership fee

  • for those calendar months, that one doesn’t earn any salary nor get any
  • nonre curring service and anniversary fees
  • initiative and invention fees
  • birthday presents
  • severance pay
  • other compensation not regarded as earned income
  • other benefits or support paid by Kela.

Membership fees are also not collected from unpaid time: studying, military/civil service, sickness/rehabilitation support, maternity/paternity/parental leave, nursing leave.

Members should announce the start and end days of their unpaid time to the membership service through the Proplus member service channel. Please note: the membership service of the union does not require a notification of a period of unemployment if the earnings-related daily allowance is paid by the Pro unemployment fund. 

Membership fees of those working abroad 

The Pro membership fee of a person working abroad is 1.25 % of the earned income paid for the work. The fee is maximum of EUR 49 per month.

Work abroad?