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New collective agreement for clerical workers in the paper industry

24.2.2020 12:18

On 19 February, Trade Union Pro accepted a dispute settlement as the new collective agreement for clerical workers in the paper industry for the period 19 February 2020–31 December 2021. Salaries will increase 3.3 per cent during the period, and the arrangement for unpaid working hours under the competitiveness pact will be discontinued. The three-week work stoppage of paper industry clerical employees and the support strike by port managers have come to an end.

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Trade Union Pro and Finnish Forest Industries, the latter representing the employers, have adopted a collective agreement solution as a new collective bargaining agreement in accordance with the proposed settlement.  

Salaries will be increased in accordance with the general trend. Salaries will rise from 1 April 2020 by a general increase of 0.7 per cent and by a company-specific increase of 0.6 per cent, and from 1 March 2021 onwards by a general increase of 1.2 per cent and a company-specific increase of 0.8 per cent. The employer negotiates the company-specific items with the union shop steward, and if no agreement is reached the salaries of all the company’s clerical workers will be increased by a company-specific percentage.

The extension of working time by 24 hours under the competitiveness pact has been abandoned.  

“This was the hardest thing to achieve in the negotiated solution that has now been reached. The previous contractual solutions were practically no help in the proposed settlement. We welcome the fact that this long-standing collective dispute has been solved. We hope that in the future the forest industry will focus on improving the competitiveness of the sector by means that genuinely promote the development of productivity”, says Trade Union Pro president Jorma Malinen.

“As a whole, this contractual solution is equivalent to the contract for employees, for example, in the case of a salary settlement and a reduction in midsummer downtime”, says Jari Uschanov of Trade Union Pro.

The labour disputes of the paper industry have come to an end and employees will return to work from the next work shift onwards, and no later than the shifts starting on Thursday 20 February. The support strike measures of Trade Union Pro’s port managers will also end.

Approximately 2,500 Trade Union Pro paper industry clerical employees are covered by the collective agreement.