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Discounts for new and old members during ProWeeks

21.9.2020 09:28

ProWeeks are here! ProWeeks is Trade Union Pro’s member recruitment event, which takes place from 21 September until 11 October 2020. During ProWeeks Pro offers various discounts and virtual events to its members – not to mention an opportunity for new members to join Pro for reduced fee! Offers are valid only during the campaign period.

Join Pro for reduced fee

If you join Pro during 21 September–11 October 2020, you will get both the union and the unemployment fund memberships until the end of the year 2020 for only 25 EUR.

  • The offer is valid only for members, whose membership in Pro begins in the period between 21 September–11 October 2020. The offer does not apply to members, who have joined Pro before or after the campaign period.
  • The membership is continuous and continues in 2021. In 2021 the amount of the monthly membership fee will be as determined by Trade Union Pro’s representative body in November 2020.
  • New Pro member will receive a pre-filled letter of authorization, to be submitted to their employer. The authorization allows the employer to deduct the membership fee directly from the member’s salary.  The letter of authorization is based on the information provided by the member upon joining the union.

Recommending Pro membership pays off – literally!

Recommending your friends to join Pro pays off. Every Pro member, whose recommendation helps us to gain new members, will be rewarded with 40 EUR gift voucher per each new member! You will get the reward also if the new member joins us during ProWeeks. 

ProWeeks benefits from our partners

Turva motor vehicle insurance

Pro members, whose home is insured by Turva, will get 30 percent discount from their LiittoKasko motor vehicle insurance.

  • Discount applies to car and van insurances for private customers starting between 21 September – 11 October 2020.
  • Receiving discount requires calling or visiting Turva’s office. It does not apply to online orders. 
  • Discount requires both membership in Trade Union Pro and an active Turva home insurance, which has been bought either before or during the campaign.
  • Discount applies to insurance payments for the first year. After the first year, Pro members will receive a continuous 10 percent discount from the normal price of the insurance.
  • More information in Finnish is available at Turva website

Have your home cleaned for half price!

  • During ProWeeks every Pro member can order one Koti Puhtaaksi domestic cleaning service visit for half price.
  • Offer is valid only for new orders made between 21 September 2020 and 11 October 2020.
  • Domestic cleaning can also be bought as a gift to your friend!
  • More information in Finnish is available at Koti Puhtaaksi website.  

More information about ProWeeks can be found in Finnish here.