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Pro’s new representative body elected

8.9.2020 16:57

Hundred members comprising Pro’s new representative body were elected for the period of 2020–2024. The names of deputy members will be published by Wednesday 9 September 2020. 

Trade Union Pro members have elected hundred representatives as well as their deputies to Pro’s body of representatives for the forthcoming period of 2020–2024. Convening at least two times a year, the representative body is the highest decision-making body of the union. It selects the chairperson of the union, confirms Pro's policies, and decides about the future development of the union.

– Voting went well and the voting turnout increased from the previous elections. In addition, the number of candidates also increased from the previous years, says Pro’s Head of Organising Pasi Nieminen.

Roughly 85 000 Pro members were eligible voters out of whom 16 581 cast their vote. The voting turnout was 19,5 percent.

Whereas the previous election in 2016 was done by mail, now the voting took place online. The elections for the representative body were held between10 August 2020 and 4 September 2020.

What does body of representatives do?

The representative body confirms the policies of Pro, selects the chairperson of the union, and supervises the operations of the board. Among other things, it confirms the financial statement and discharges those accountable from liability for the accounts. In addition, it decides on the order of a vote and election, membership fee, and the share of membership fees returned to the member organisations.

According to the rules of Trade Union Pro, the representative body convenes biannually, or more often if necessary. The new representative body will have its first official meeting on 13–14 November 2020.

Who were elected?

The body of representatives 2020–2024