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Policies 2012–2016

On 23rd–24th November 2011 Trade Union Pro's body of representatives accepted the Policies document that has been recorded in the Union's rules as well.

Vision 2020: How is the member's position in the future?

Pro's vision has been created from the viewpoint of the clerical employees. It describes what kind of working life the Union wants for its members in year 2020.

According to the vision, the members of Pro must be provided fair working life and equal-opportunity and safe society. Employed members must be able to live on their pay. Their livelihood must also be assured in other circumstances.

Pro wants to guarantee its members the possibility to develop in their work in various ways. Members have the right to flexibly combine their work and leisure time without the risk of exhaustion.

Strategy – how can the vision be implemented?


In order to implement the vision, Pro has set strategic goals.


Member has got work

  • Finland must have a strategy that creates jobs both for the domestic market and export.
  • Under the threat of losing one's job the member's opportunity to move from job to job is secured.
  • In working life transition it will be ensured that the member has competitive competence and professionalism.
  • The education system must be built on a strategy for the future work, and each member has the right to develop their expertise.

Member has workplace safety net

  • At member's workplace equality is ensured and all employees are treated equally and fairly. The interests of every member are safeguarded by the shop steward who is guaranteed to be able to work in peace.
  • Members have the right to good managerial work and work organization. Occupational health services of high quality, in sufficient quantity and anticipation of problems ensure the member's well-being at all stages of career.
  • When the member has temporarily lost the ability to work, return to work must be ensured by adjusting the workload and tasks, as well as taking into account how the working environment effects the ability to work.
  • Member's interests and safety in society will be promoted by influencing legislation. Collective agreements safeguard the working conditions, which apply equally to all. Members have the opportunity to influence their own environment and working conditions.
  • Society is based on values of solidarity and on social justice.

Employed member is able to live on their pay

  • Strong collective bargaining guarantees positive development of the purchasing power.
  • Strong professional skills are valued and taken into account both in salary and career development.
  • Members’ social security, education and income transfers in different life situations are taken care of equally. Basic security is at a high level in society and the change security in working life is comprehensive.
  • Same pay for same work regardless of gender.

Strong skills secure status in working life

  • Education system ensures versatile basic and supplementary education, which allows the member has potential to develop in their work.
  • The Union influences the educational policy in such a way that the fields it represents have a sufficient number of skilled professionals available.
  • As the work tasks change, the Union member has the possibility to participate training both at work and during their free time.
  • Member's professional skills and their continuous development ensure competitiveness in the labor market.

Working hours are flexible to suit member’s life situation

  • Member has the right and possibility to reschedule their working hours. Working-time bank and other individual working time flexibilities secure reasonable workload and ensure adequate recovery, as well as leisure time.
  • Labour is dimensioned so that a single member is not overstrained.