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The task of the board is to manage the funds and other property of the union. In addition, it is in charge of collective agreement operations and supervision of interests, and also decides on the operational and financial plan of the union each year.

The board convenes the meetings of the representative body and prepares the issues to be discussed in them. The board can also arrange binding or consultative member votes.

It appoints contract field-specific negotiation boards and, if necessary, sector-specific supervision of interests boards for the duration of its term.

In addition, the board can establish forums for research, education or language-based groups and other groups carrying out the operations of the union.

The term of the Pro board and its chairperson (chairperson of the union) is four years. In addition to the chairperson, the board consists of 15–20 members.

The representative body selects the members of the board from all four sectors of Pro so that the representation of each sector is in relation to its number of members.

Board 2020–2024