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Negotiation operations

The agreement operations of Trade Union Pro are defined by the code of practice for negotiation operations approved by the representative body.

The board of Pro is responsible for negotiation operations and approves the collective agreements. The board also decides on agreement objectives, termination of collective agreements, industrial actions and their funding.

If the only signatory of a collective agreement is the Pro member association, the rules of the union are followed. Primarily, the association has the decision power in these situations.

Agreement negotiations are run by the chairman of the union. The supervision of interest sector directors and contract field supervisors are in charge of the progress of negotiations in their sector.

Negotiation boards

Each Pro collective agreement has a negotiation board.

Associations, among other things, can propose members to the negotiation board. The union board appoints the negotiation boards.

The members of negotiation boards are selected from active shop stewards or members of the union administration.

The negotiation board creates and presents to the board the collective agreement objectives for approval or rejection. The negotiation board does the same for industrial actions.

A contract field supervisor acts as the secretary of the negotiation board.