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Pro makes a difference

Securing the financial and social status of clerical workers requires that Trade Union Pro extensively influence the operating environment of the labour market.

Regulations oblige Pro to influence the benefits of its members by informing political operators and other parties making sociological decisions, such as ministries and governing bodies of the state and municipalities, of the policies of the union.

The duty of the union is to publicly express its policies and promote their realisation.

Sociological influence supports agreement operations when the influence is used to define the social conditions in which the collective agreements are negotiated.

Pro aims to make a difference by cooperating with several different operators and interest groups. As a social influence, we aim to be a pioneer of the trade union movement.


The influencing objectives of Pro are based on the rules of the union: The primary task of Pro is to improve the financial and social status of its members.


  • Collective agreements ensuring wage development and employment conditions.

  • Influencing industrial and educational policy and work environment issues.

  • The objectives of Pro are supplemented by the statements of the Teollisuuden Palkansaajat negotiating board and the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK.

  • Pro participates in the activities of Nordic, European and international cooperation associations.

  • In making a difference, the union also draws upon the information on its members’ living and working conditions, needs, values and attitudes compiled through regular surveys.


The influencing objectives defined by the rules are recorded in the Policies document. Pro also sets objectives for statements, policies and comments.