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Environmental Issues, Corporate Social Responsibility

ISTAS, CCOO de Industria and the Finnish trade union PRO are finishing the European project SCORE, financed by the European Union through the Social Dialogue grant for projects of undertakings’ representatives.

The main goal of project SCORE was the development of proposals to promote and foster workers’ training and participation in CSR policies implemented and developed in companies.

A full training and advisory programme on CSR was designed and validated to this purpose. The programme developed and monitored a pilot experience done by members of work councils within the scope of CSR at their workplaces.

After two years of great work, this project has finalized presenting its results in the Final Conference which took place in Brussels in September 2016.

Previously and during 2016, this Project also included the realization of both national seminars: one held in Spain and the other one in Finland, which were aimed at presenting the reached results of the two experiences in each country within the project.

National Seminar in Finland: Short report about the seminar held in Helsinki.

In these seminars, participants could counted on the expertise from different social stake holders involved in the CSR field (employers’ associations, government representatives, trade unions leaders, CSR consultants, representatives from civil society, etc), who  participated and expressed their views.

Training materials developed within the project:

Diagnostic Report of the project SCORE: this paper includes a section on the main international standards and the current state of play of their implementation in Spain and in Finland. It also analysis the questionnaire results about the training needs of workers’ representatives that participate in the project.

Guide for the participation of workers in CSR policies: the document offers guidance for workers´s legal representatives to participate in the CSR policies in place at their companies. It remarks the role of workers and their organizations within the company and outside as stakeholders of companies by making the company’s business compatible with the society in which the company is operating.

Brochure: it includes basic information on workers’ participation in CSR policies.

SCORE Conf Agenda