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Purpose of operations

The task of Trade Union Pro is to supervise the interests of its members in working life and, more extensively, in society.

The union also influences industrial and educational policy and work environment issues.

In its operations, Pro takes the initiative and determinedly seeks results. 


  • Fair, equal working life and society.

  • The salary must be enough to make a living, and the economy is secured in other life situations as well.

  • Training for wage earners.

  • Make your work and working hours flexible to fit in with your life situation.

  • Sufficient leisure time.

Pro promises its members

  • Fairness at workplaces.

  • Equality and fairness in wages.

  • To be as close as the closest shop steward.

  • Information on rights and obligations in an easily understood manner.

  • Honest discussion on wages.

  • Negotiation power.

  • Pressurising power.

  • To hear and identify the weak signals of workplaces.

Pro promises its members with a position of trust

  • Peer support, help, and good practices.

  • Regional organisation and contract field lawyers to support shop stewards.

Pro promises the labour market 

  • A new type of negotiation culture.

  • Strong wage earners’ union.

  • Counterforce to market force.

Pro policies in 2012–2016