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Why choose Pro? Counterforce to quarterly economy

Fairness, courage, patriotism and goodwill are endangered values in a world striving for quick profit, where the power of economy is faceless and lacks a native country.

In 21st century Finland, the feeling of security has been shaken and the chances of building a good life have been weakened. Fairness and the courage to defend the heroes of everyday life, i.e. workers, is fading.

The objectives of the quarterly economy have made working life a harsh place where the dismissal of an experienced, hard worker shines in the interim of a company as savings. A proper compensation for work and staff well-being are seen as expensive losses, not a company’s road to success.

Clerical employees are committed to their work, employer and skills. The endless hurry and the swelling workloads make employees tired and stressed and eat into the line between work and leisure time.

The quarterly economy calls for a counterforce, a strong labour market and working life influence assembling the clerical employees – Trade Union Pro.

What is Pro? Medium-sized Finnish city 

Pro is the union of educated professionals with as much strength as a medium-sized Finnish city. Pro represents 120,000 wage earners in the country’s most substantial companies of industry and its services, ICT and communications and finance sectors as well as in the public sector, among other things.

Pro stands behind clerical employees and is close to its members at the workplace. The union negotiates national, generally binding collective agreements and, for instance, regulations concerning minimum wages.

Pro members – making results

The experts, supervisors and clerical employees represented by Pro and working in the private and public sector alike are the result-makers of their workplaces. In accordance with its name, the union supervises the interests of a clerical work professional.

Pro members work in, for instance, the technology industry, construction and related fields, the forestry industry, the chemicals industry and the food industry. In addition, a significant amount of Pro members are employed by government agencies and institutions, public utilities and Finnish universities.

You can also find Pro members in telecommunications, communications, energy industry, banks and financial groups. Pro members also work in financing, money-handling, value transportation, credit information and debt collection companies.

People and associations can join Pro.