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The duties of a shop steward or occupational safety representatives

An occupational safety representative is an expert of safety. A shop steward is an expert and supervisor of the interests of the union members at the workplace.

Shop steward

A shop steward represents the unionised employees of Trade Union Pro in the company and monitors the compliance of legislation and agreements.

A shop steward helps the members of his/her union in problematic situations and helps develop the work community. He/she works as the primary representative selected by the employees in negotiation situations.

At a workplace, all members of the union should be informed of who their shop steward is.

An occupational safety representative is an expert of safety

The occupational safety representative is, in turn, the safety expert at the workplace. The occupational safety representative monitors the compliance of the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act at the workplace as a representative of the staff. He/she learns about the industrial safety issues concerning his/her workplace and takes part in the industrial safety inspections of the workplace.

Occupational safety personnel register

Notify Pro of your selection

The selection of a shop steward should be announced to the members of the union at the workplace, the employer, and also the union.

After the shop stewards have been elected, many shop stewards and occupational safety representatives forget to notify Trade Union Pro of their selection. This issue should be fixed. Information on a position of trust is needed for the member register of the union.

In the member service site Proplus, shop stewards can see who in their workplace is a member of Pro. The display is based on the Pro member register. If the information on a position of trust is missing from the register, the shop steward will not be able to see all the Pro members in the company. In addition, the members will not be able to find their shop steward. This makes it difficult for the shop steward to contact others in Proplus.

When the information is up to date in the member register, the shop steward will receive shop steward mail from the union. New shop stewards can also register for an introduction group in the Jäsentiedot (Member information) section of Proplus. You can find it by clicking Omat tiedot (My information) and then Siirry jäsentietoihin (Go to member information) in Proplus.

The Centre for Occupational Safety maintains a statutory occupational safety personnel register where the employer is obliged to report the names and contact information of the people appointed and selected for the industrial safety operations of the workplace. 

Forms and instructions for reporting (in Finnish only):

Shop steward notification
Shop steward notification (finances)

Occupational safety representative notification
Occupational safety representative notification (finances)