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Fair treatment increases motivation and commitment to work and, thus, improves the results of the work.

An equal working atmosphere gives everyone the chance to focus on committed working.


  • Indiscrimination on the basis of gender, age, origins, nationality, language, religion, beliefs, opinions, political actions, trade unionism, family relations, health, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression of gender.

  • Equal appreciation of women and men. The same wages for the same and equivalent work, equal career development, same opportunities to combine work with parenthood.

  • Freedom from sexual molestation and harassment.

Unequal status shows in the labour market

The segregation of work tasks on the basis of gender shows in Pro contract fields.

Women and men often work in different fields, and the duties of those working in the same field are clearly dictated on the basis of their gender. This, in turn, leads to unequal wages.

The unequal status of genders also shows in other aspects of working life: on average, women have poorer opportunities than men to develop their skills or advance on their career.

Trade Union Pro promotes the equal treatment and career opportunities of women and men by helping employees to find easier ways to combine family with work.

Support for equality work

The promotion of equality in working life is part of Pro's activities in our supervision of interests.

The union aims at removing the groundless difference of wages between men and women by, for instance, negotiating collective agreements that encourage employers to adopt gender-neutral payroll systems.

The union provides equality training for staff representatives supervising the interests of Pro members at workplaces.

The equality plan, drafted in cooperation by the staff representative and the employer, and the related salary survey help reduce the inequality of genders. The survey reveals salary differences which may be based on gender.

The guide drafted by Pro will help to draw up the equality plan. The nearest regional centre of the union can also help.

Are you Pro's member? For more information on equality issues, login to Proplus with your membership number. Please notice, that the site is in Finnish.