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Study grant

The study grant consists of the student allowance, housing allowance and the student loan guaranteed by the state. You must apply for your study grant from Kela.

The study grant is a monthly benefit funded by the state. Study grant is taxable income.

The housing allowance is a monthly subsidy funded by the state.

Banks grant student loans based on applications. The loan is paid from the bank’s funds and repayment usually begins after the completion of the studies. Due to the state guarantee, no other guarantee is required for the loan.

Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Adult education benefit

The Education Fund grants adult education benefit for education resulting in a degree and additional and supplementary vocational training arranged in Finland by an institution under public supervision. 

The benefit requires that a full-time employment relationship with the same employer or full-time entrepreneurship has continued in one or more spells for at least a year.

To receive adult education benefit, you have to be on study leave which should last at least two months without interruptions. If the studies are carried out in shorter spells or part-time, the leaves should have a minimum total duration of 43 days.

A maximum of five days a week are calculated as study leave days. A full study leave month, i.e. calendar month, contains 21.5 study leave days.

If the study leave is part-time, a short working day is calculated as a whole study leave day. 

Entitlement to the benefit

Adult education benefit requires a work history with an employee pension insurance. If you have a work history of eight years, the maximum amount of benefit, i.e. 19 months, can be received.

If your work history is less than eight years but more than five years, one working month accumulates 0.8 days of benefit time.

Adult education benefit is the same amount as the person’s earnings-related unemployment allowance, i.e. unemployment benefit without separate increases.

With a monthly income of EUR 2,800, a person will be paid about EUR 1,594 of benefit; with a monthly income of EUR 3,000, a person will be paid about EUR 1,680 of benefit a month.

Those studying part-time can also receive adult education benefit. In these cases, it is paid as a reduced amount (moderated) and monthly in arrears.

The amount and duration of the benefit can be checked with the calculator on the Education Fund website administered by wage earner and employer organisations.

For more information on funding adult education, visit Proplus. See, for instance, what a vocational degree scholarship is and to whom it is granted.

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