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Occupational accidents

The law obliges the employer to insure their personnel in case of accidents. All those in an employment relationship are basically entitled to the security provided by an accident insurance.

Occupational accident

An occupational accident refers to one of the following, occurred when working or under conditions resulting from work:

  • injury or illness caused by an external factor suddenly and unpredictably

  • accident which occurred when the person tried to protect or save human lives or the employee’s property at work

  • injury or illness caused by a physical assault or created from intentional actions of another person.

An injury resulting from a repetitive motion at work within the maximum time period of one day can also be compensated as an occupational accident. Such injuries may include sore tendons or muscles.

Employer’s duties

At the event of an accident, the employer must

  • report the accident to the occupational safety authorities, police and the insurance company without delay if the accident is followed by a serious injury or death

  • an electric accident is also reported to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

  • arrange an investigation

  • in serious cases, the work community must be offered the opportunity to talk about the accident

  • deliver an insurance certificate immediately to the party treating the injured person (if possible)

  • make an accident report to the insurance company on all accidents the insurance is expected to compensate.

Information to accident victims

In the event of an accident, the injured person should

  • report the accident to the employer or closest supervisor immediately

  • request an insurance certificate from the employer. Healthcare centres/hospitals treat patients who have been in an occupational accident free of charge if the patients are able to show an insurance certificate

  • provide the employer with the information required for the accident report

  • ensure that the employer delivers the report

  • apply for compensation if the employer does not deliver the report as required.

For more information on occupational accidents and diseases, visit the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website.