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Temporary employment

An employment agreement is either made as valid under further notice or temporary. In a temporary employment agreement, it is necessary to mention the reason for the temporary nature of the agreement, and the duration of the employment.

According to the Finnish Employment Contracts Act, the primary rule is that work is carried out in a permanent employment relationship.

A temporary agreement can only be made if there is a justified reason. The reason can be, for instance, the state of acting as a substitute to an absent employee.

 If the employment agreement is temporary, the employee cannot be dismissed before the end of the prescribed time.

In addition, the employee cannot resign before the end of the temporary employment agreement. The issue can, however, usually be agreed upon between the employee and the employer. If the employment agreement specifically states a trial period, the agreement can be terminated during the trial period regardless of the prescribed time.

Recurring use of temporary employment agreements without a justified reason is forbidden. If the need for labour force is permanent, the work must be carried out under an employment agreement which is valid until further notice.

Limiting the use of consecutive temporary employment agreements is used to secure the dismissal security of a wage earned in a situation where there are no grounds for recurring temporary agreements.

If there is no justified reason for the use of a temporary employment agreement, the employment agreement is deemed as valid until further notice regardless of its temporary nature.

Benefits in temporary employment

If the employer and the employee have made several temporary employment agreements that are consecutive, uninterrupted or continuing with only short-term interruptions:

• the employee accumulates annual leave and wage benefits based on the duration of the employment, among other things.

The Finnish Employment Contracts Act does not limit temporary employment contracts entered into on the employee’s own initiative.

For more information on temporary employment agreements, see Public employment administration and Guide to Working in Finland.