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Note! A temporarily laid-off employee requires a written notification on temporary layoff for the unemployment fund.

A notification on temporary layoff can be given verbally or in writing. If requested, the employee is, however, obliged to provide a written certificate with information corresponding to a notification on temporary layoff.

If possible, the notification on temporary layoff should be issued to the employee personally. The employer may, therefore, demand a signature with which the employee confirms that he/she has been informed of the temporary layoff at the time of signing. The notification time of a temporary layoff is considered to start when the employee is informed of the layoff.

The employer is not allowed to present any other conditions or matters in the layoff notification which the employee should accept when being informed.

Why must an employer notify an employee of a temporary layoff?

According to the Act on Co-operation within Undertakings, an employer must make a notification of the start of a temporary layoff 14 days before the start of the layoff.

However, many collective agreements state that the notification period is determined by the duration of the employment. In these situations, the notification must be given a month or two months before the start of the layoff. Always check the notification period in your collective agreement.

The temporary layoff can only begin after the notification period ends.