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Who can be temporarily laid off?

It is only possible to temporarily lay off people employed indefinitely. Temporary employment based on work as a substitute to another employee form an exception. In these situations, the substitute can be temporarily laid off if the person who is being substituted would also be temporarily laid off in that situation.

Grounds for a temporary layoff can be directed at

● Certain departments of operational units.
● The entire staff.

The need for a temporary layoff can be caused by

Difficulty selling a certain product, whereupon the effects are only directed at a certain production line. In these situations, the employer must primarily appoint other work in accordance with the employment agreement to those being temporarily laid off, for instance in another department.
● There are no actual grounds for a temporary layoff if the work of those who have been temporarily laid off is being carried out by, for instance, leased manpower.

Order of reduction

The order of reduction agreed upon in the collective agreement is followed in temporary layoffs.

Special attention is paid to the order of reduction when the need for temporary layoffs does not concern all employees. In these situations, the first people to be temporarily laid off cannot be those who have lost some of their ability to work while working for the employer in question. The duration of employment and the number of minor children are also taken into account.

In addition, issues that must be taken into consideration when deciding who will be laid off may have been locally agreed upon in the cooperation negotiations.