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The payroll system comprises of

  • Evaluation of the arduousness of the work

  • Personal share of wages and potential workplace-specific instalments.

The collective agreement also defines other bonuses related to working hours and, for instance, overtime.

Pro members can access the Proplus site to find the link to a salary calculator (Tietopankki/Työssä/Palkkaohjaus; Databank/Work/Salary direction). Use the calculator to check your wages. The use of the site requires logging in with a member ID number. The most reliable way to find out about any salary issues is to discuss with the shop steward of your workplace.

Wages in the finance industry

In the finance industry, some of the raises are distributed as general raises, some as salary discussions between the clerical employee and the supervisor.

Salary discussions are not a mysterious event. They do, however, contain many formal aspects, such as income statistics delivered before the discussion and forms to be filled during the discussion.

Careful preparation is the key to any salary discussion. Trade Union Pro has put together a special salary site for preparing for the discussion, participating in the discussion, and the subsequent aftercare. You can find the payroll system of finance industry, detailed advice and latest tips for salary discussions on the site.

Pro members can find the finance industry salary site in Proplus website. The use of the site requires logging in separately.