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Absences due to illness and disability pensions have increased in the 21st century. Working life has become more complicated and risks straining mental work capacity have not yet been sufficiently identified.

Such risks include higher expectations at the workplace, constant changes, and insufficient opportunities to influence the content of one’s work. In addition, inadequate human resources, constant hurry, or disturbances in the balance between work and other life contribute to these risks.

Pro’s answer – occupational well-being card

The occupational well-being card is the answer of Trade Union Pro to improve well-being at work and lengthen careers.

The card is a good tool for showing that its holder knows the basics of occupational well-being. He/she is able to support the well-being of him/herself and the community at the workplace.

In 2011, the Centre for Occupational Safety launched a training programme where the card, developed by Pro, can be acquired.

The training reviews, for instance, legislation concerning occupational well-being. The participants also receive information on the management of occupational well-being, activities of a work community, and health and working ability.

Centre for Occupational Safety: Occupational well-being card

Further information: Employee counselling for members or Senior Adviser, Work Environment. Contact.